• Normal restart methods are failing or are simply unavailable  
  • The customer has given the go-ahead to restart, if applicable
  • Both local and remote PCs are domain-joined and on the WSU Spokane network using either campus Ethernet, WSU Wireless, or VPN 
  • You have the remote PC’s name or IP address 
  • The Remote PC is awake  


From a domain-joined Windows computer, use PowerShell to send a forced restart command

NOTE: All PowerShell commands are bold. Do not include brackets [ … ] that are shown in commands.   

  1. Launch PowerShell with Administrative privileges
  2. Enter the following command, then press enter: 


It may take a minute or more for help to be updated. You will see a few errors, which is normal:

3. Check if the remote PC is online (this command works like PING): 

Test-Connection [computer name or IP address] 

For example:

Test-Connection ITSQuamLap

4. If the PC is online, you may proceed with the restart: 

Restart-Computer [computer name or IP address] -Force 

For example:  

Restart-Computer ITSQuamLap -Force 

Errors will likely occur, but they're usually unrelated.

Initiate the same command again to see if the restart is occurring, which will be displayed in the subsequent error stating that a restart is already underway.