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From the Account sign-in page (account.wsu.edu), put in your Network ID and click Next to go to the next page :

Then click the "Forgot Password?" link located at the bottom of the page.

There are two ways you can recover your password through Account.wsu.edu:

    • Enter the email address you used to register your Network ID or Friend ID
    • If you've registered a device like a cell phone or tablet, you can enter the mobile device number. If you've set up a mobile number to reset your password, enter that mobile number in the user name field and select the "Reset via SMS" button.

The next step, outlined below, is based on your preferred method of recovering your password.

Using Email to Recover Password

Using Text to Recover Password

After entering in your email address, select "Reset via Email" & follow the instructions in the email you received to reset your password.

After receiving the text verification number, enter it in the window below and select "Next"& follow the instructions to create a new password.