Tip: To get grades to sync properly you must first meet this criterion (See Preparing for Final Grade Submissions - Canvas LMS):

  • Grade Roster must be created in myWSU

  • If you have a cross-listed course grade book you must be using the same "Grading Basis" for both sections
  • The Grade book must be filled out or else Letter Grades will not be represented accurately in myWSU

First you will need to navigate to Grades 

Here you will verify your grade book is complete and none left blank

Next, click "Actions" and select "Sync to WSU_Grades"

Lastly, you can check the grade roster in myWSU to make sure the grades came over properly. 

Also, in Canvas if you select "Grade Sync" you can see the status or your Final Grade submission. Always make sure the grades are reflected in myWSU accurately. 

Look for the Green Check mark which indicates success. If you see anything else please report the problem to the Crimson Service Desk.