Teleworking poses a challenge when it comes time to updating your WSU password. When working remotely with a WSU domain-joined PC computer, your computer relies on your password being cached or remembered in order to sign you in when not connected to the network. Once your password has been updated, you'll need to update your cached password by connected back to the network via VPN. For instructions on installing GlobalProtect VPN, click HERE.


Before you update your password, connect to GlobalProtect VPN. 

Next, follow the steps for updating your password.

From the Account Home page (

Login using your current password. Then select Edit Profile
in the upper right corner and sign in again using Multi-Factor Authenticaton (MFA)

In the "Change Password" Window:

  1. Type in your current password
  2. Type in your new password
  3. Repeat typing in your new password
  4. Select "Change Password"
  5. Sign out and back into, this will sync your new password
    with the AD system.

Once your password has been changed, lock your computer (Windows+L) and immediately sign back in using your newly changed password. This will update your cached password and allow you to log into your computer while off network in the future.

Once back into your computer, disconnect from GlobalProtect VPN and reconnect with your new password. 

Finally you'll need to update your Outlook email password, this should auto prompt you to do so within the hour. Any other "remembered" passwords will need to be updated at this time.