You should receive an invitation to create a new account from WSU Okta <>.  If you have not received the Activation Email, contact the Crimson Service Desk at 509-335-HELP (4357) or 1-800-608-3839, or by email at

When you receive the email:

  1. Click on the "Activate Okta Account" button. This will open up a new web page where you will be prompted with a series of questions to complete your activation.

  2. Here, you will create a password and select your recovery questions. 

  3. Next, select "Add Phone Number" under the "Forgot Password Text Message" header and enter a mobile phone number.

  4. Optional: Enter the SMS code sent to your mobile phone and click "Verify."

    If you don't want to recover using SMS, you can instead select "Add Phone Number" under the "Forgot Password Voice Call" option and enter the phone number.

  5. Then, enter the number spoken by the voice on the phone and click "Verify."

The next page MAY ask you to setup Multi-Factor Authentication:

(For more information on how to setup all the different MFA Types, see: How to Set Up Extra Verification )

Once you have created your account, you will be taken to the Self-Service account page.

To finalize the synchronization, please sign in to a WSU service (myWSU, for example) using your new password.

User passwords can be reset from this page, and all recovery option settings can be updated by the user. All of these factors will walk the user through the setup process with visual on-screen prompts.

Extra Verification factors can be configured by the end user in the “Extra Verification” section of this page. If text message or voice call options are setup for password recovery, the user will be prompted to accept the same phone numbers when the "Extra Verification" setup is imitated for the corresponding method, if desired. No additional setup will be required. If a different phone number is desired for either or both extra factors, they can be set up via a process similar to recovery setup.