Over the last several months, the data in the Imaging system has been updated to reflect proper WSUID and SSNs. All IDs are full 9 numbers and the dashes and parenthesis have been removed. The purpose of this was to mirror our source system for IDs, myWSU, as well as to make searches more efficient. 

To that end, all Imaging searches have been updated to add "Equals" for WSUID and SSN. As show below, there is now a drop-down for each search operator (‘equals’ or ‘ends with’). If you are searching for WSUID using "Equals," please now enter the leading ‘0’.  If you are using "Ends With," enter the last 8 (or fewer if you are searching for a range). Using "Equals" should make the searches faster, but remember that adding at least one character of the last or first name in the "Begins With" criteria helps a great deal. The default for both criteria is now "Equals."