Make sure that the Webi report to be used for the burst is saved in the Public Folder\ Users folder within Business Objects.

Creating a new Burst

Inserting a Document

The first thing to do when creating a burst is to pull all the required reports/documents from Business Objects into InfoBurst. 

Do this by selecting the down arrow next to "New" and select "Document."

You will be presented with the option of selecting "Network", "Platform", or "My Computer".

Select "Platform" and navigate to where you have saved the report(s) you are attempting to Burst.

Select the desired report(s) and click OK.  InfoBurst will catalog them and they will be displayed on your dashboard as Webi Intelligence document .

Creating the burst

Again click on the arrow next to the new tab, and select Burst.

Enter an appropriate name and description.

Insert the desired report(s) into the burst by clicking the green plus 

Select any/all required report(s).

Select the "Deliveries" tab in the middle, then press the green plus  to set the different ways the burst will be delivered.


This example uses email, but there are a variety of options.

The File Name determines the name of the file being sent, and the Email is the destination email address.

*NOTE: If the filename of the attachment must contain a date it cannot have '/' or '\' special characters.  InfoBurst builds the attachments in it's local file system prior to sending and will intemperate these characters as a directory name rather than part of a date.  Instead place dates in attachment names in the 'MM-DD-YYYY' format.

Scheduling a Burst

click on the arrow next to the new tab, and select Schedule.

Here you can set the frequency of how often a burst happens, select which bursts occur, as well as configure other triggers to happen on a start/completion/failure.

The schedule above will send a burst every hour, starting at 8 AM, with the first burst being sent at 9 AM, and the last burst being at 12 PM on the days of Monday (12/18/2017) and Wednesday (12/20/2017)

To select which bursts are being scheduled, you can add them by selecting the items tab, and pressing the green  symbol.