Create a new document by selecting "Document" from the drop-down menu next to the "New" butto

If the distribution list is located in Business Objects, select "Platform" otherwise, use the proper button to navigate to the lists location.

Once the distribution list is in InfoBurst, Create a new File List, by selecting "File List' from the drop-down menu next to the "New" button, and select the distribution list you have just uploaded using the "InfoBurst" button.


Upon saving and reopening the file list, you will notice the "Columns" and "Conditions" areas in the bottom left corner. These are just columns that can be filled for testing purposes to ensure that your distribution list is being correctly read by InfoBurst.


Once you have your file list saved with your distribution list, it is now available for use. 

When you are creating your burst, for the reports using the distribution list, go to Data Links  

Set the Source Type to Data Source for every parameter that will use information from the Distribution list. (In the below example it is just account_number)

In Column to use: enter in the appropriate column that is named in your distribution list.

Ensure that Multi Pass is selected, this will create a separate report for each value, instead of compressing all the different values into one report.

Click Apply to save your changes.

When you are setting the deliveries. to set it so each email address will only receive the reports with the account numbers they have been assigned, press the shown below

In the Macro Builder select the emaill address column

click and drag the [%email address] tho the area underneath the edit macro area. 

Press Apply to save your changes.

press  to confirm your selection.

Now when the bursts fires, it will send an email to each user listed with a report for each account number assigned to them in the distribution list.

To ReCatalog a Distribution List:

Right-Click the Excel document in InfoBurst and select 'ReCatalog'

Drive to the locally stored copy of your Distribution List and upload.

Example Distribution List:

Example Distribution List: