Installing Global Protect VPN (Windows)
Download Client for WSU Spokane

** For instructions on installing GlobalProtect on a Mac, click HERE.
The latest client is available from the VPN portal. Use https with a web browser to connect to

  • Login with WSU AD credentials.
  • No need for additional prefixes or suffixes.
  • Example: will only need username john.smith

After logging in, there will be several installation files available depending on operating system. Select the appropriate file and download it:

Installation and Configuration
Locate the downloaded file and click on it to execute it. Click next to continue:

Accept the default installation location (may vary depending on Windows version). Click next to continue:

Click next to continue.

Select Close to complete the installation.

Once the installation has finished, the Global Protect client should start automatically. If not, you can launch the Global Protect client from the start menu:

Enter the portal address, just the DNS name (no https prefix) and then click Connect:

Once the Global Protect client connects to the portal, it will prompt for your username and password. Just enter your NID and then click "Sign In". Example: will only need username john.smith:

Once complete, the VPN should show as "Connected".

The Global Protect client should start automatically. It should appear in the systray in the lower right-hand corner of the screen in the form of a circular (globe) icon. Clicking on this icon will open the window that shows the status and the option to connect or disconnect. Be sure to disconnect the VPN when it is no longer in use.