• If you have gotten the Product Key and Installer for Windows 10 Education, there is a special way you need to go about installing the software.


  •  You downloaded Windows 10 Education from the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching site but when you try to install it you don't make it all the way through install, and get the error "Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation."


  • The issue really is that Windows 10 Education from the Azure site is an UPGRADE edition.  BUT, this article will provide the steps needed to install the software on your machine as if it were a full version.  The trick is you have to have a version of Windows 10 (like Windows 10 Home) installed on the machine, even if that version has NOT been activated yet.

When you're on Azure Dev Tools For Teaching (login with your WSU Email Address and Password here to get to the Azure site - ), click on Software and select Windows 10 Education, Version 1809 (Updated Sept 2018)

There it will offer you a Product Key (Copy this Key and Hold On To It!  You'll need it later!) and Download for the software.  The download for the software gives you a .iso file that you would still have to make a DVD from or a bootable USB flash drive from in order to boot the computer with it to install the software. 

An alternate, easier route for obtaining the installer is to go onto Microsoft's Download Windows 10 site and use their Media Creation Tool to make a Bootable USB Drive (you'll need a USB Stick 8GB or larger for this).  It doesn't matter whether the installer comes from the Dev Tools site or Microsoft's commercial site, both work for this.  You download and install the Media Creation Tool, then use it to create the Bootable USB Drive with the Windows 10 Installation software. 

Here's a link to Microsoft's Download Windows 10 page: 

Once you have your Bootable USB Drive (or DVD if you went that route and know how to burn the .iso file to the disc), boot your machine with it, and start the installation.  My suggestion if you are Reinstalling Windows would be to start with a Clean Hard Drive, but if you Delete any Partitions on the drive you WILL LOSE any information on them PERMANENTLY, so make sure you have any files backed up before you do that!!

Start the install as normal but when you get to the screen asking for your Product Key DO NOT put in the product key.  Instead click on "I don't have a product key" on the bottom right and click Next.  Then when it asks you what version of Windows to install, choose Windows 10 Home.  Let it finish installing the software.

The system should install Windows 10 Home Edition on the computer and you will be able to boot into the software and run it, but, it will not be Activated.  Here's where your new Windows 10 Education Product Key comes into play.  When you click on the Activate Windows choice in Settings, choose "Change Product Key," and it will ask you for a Product Key.  Put in the product key you got for Windows 10 Education from the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching site.  It will Activate Windows and will also Upgrade Windows to the Windows 10 Education version.


That should leave you with your fully activated fresh install of Windows 10 Education, and you are done!