Using the GlobalProtect VPN on Chrome OS is pretty easy! This article will walk you through getting GlobalProtect installed and set up to access WSU's VPN.

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Getting GlobalProtect installed on Chrome OS

The Chrome Store version of GlobalProtect is deprecated and will not work with WSU's Okta MFA prompts. Your device must be capable of using the Google Play Store.

The first step is to navigate to the download page for GlobalProtect in the Google Play Store

Click install and wait until the installation is complete.

Once complete, open your apps and launch the GlobalProtect Application. You will be asked to allow GlobalProtect to set up VPN connections. Click OK.

Once the app has opened, click the button in the center of the app to connect.

You will be redirected to an Okta sign-in page to complete login using your NID.

Respond to the Okta MFA prompt. Once complete, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. You should connect automatically, so this page should be safe to close.

Once login has been completed, the icon should switch to green. You are connected to the VPN! To disconnect, simply click the central icon again.

You can also control connectin to the VPN using the ChromeOS system tray as shown below.