First, get the printer's IP address and model name. Download the drivers from the manufacturer's website and install it.
Access the Apple Menu in the top left corner and find System Preferences

Select Print & Scan

Click the + sign to add a new printer (If you can't add a new printer, click on the locker below the printer's panel)

Go to the tab called IP and type in the address.
Go to the dropdown menu Use and Select Printer Software. Find in the list the correct driver package for your printer.

Type in a name to better identify your printer in the list and click Add.

**{}If the printer requires a departmental code, we need to get the user's code and set it up on the computer. Otherwise, the print jobs will fail because it'll not prompt asking for the user's code in each job sent (like in windows OS).
The code can be set up by Opening the printer Utility (Select the printer, Go to Options & Supplies, find the tab Utility and Open Printer Utility)

Check the box Department ID Management and type in the code in the PIN field. Save settings.

If the printer doesn't show a utility tab we have to save a Preset.
Open a Word document or TextEdit document and print.
Under the paper orientation there is a dropdown Menu. Select Job Log option.

Check the box Enable User Code and type in the code. Go to Presets dropdown Menu and Save Current Settings as Preset…

Type in a name for the preset and click OK. After this procedure the user will be able to print automatically using the code assigned for that printer.