How do I get MATLAB if I am a WSU Student or Employee?

Where can I download the MATLAB Installer?


  1. Visit Washington State University's MathWorks Portal to download MATLAB.
  2. Click Sign in to get started.
    MatLab - Sign In To Get Started Button Choice

  3. Enter your WSU email address and click Next.
    Page Requesting Your WSU Email Account

  4. Sign in with your WSU credentials. For the username, enter only your WSU Network ID (i.e. the first part of your WSU email address before the @ symbol).
    WSU Login Page

  5. If you have not created a MathWorks Account, the system will ask you for additional profile information and you will receive an email to activate your new MathWorks account. (Please Note: The MathWorks Account will use your WSU email address, but it is its own account and you may set a different password from your WSU account.)
    1. Please complete the account activation process before continuing to the next step.
      Finish MatLab Profile Creation PageNotice To Check Your Email For MatLab Activation Email

      Example Of MatLab Account Activation Email

  6. If you already have an active MathWorks Account, the system will ask you to accept the Online Services Agreement.
    MatLab Online Services Agreement Accept or Decline Buttons

  7. It will then take you to the License Center page. Click Get Started.
    MatLab License Center Page

  8. Here you can choose to Open MATLAB Online, or click Install MATLAB to install the desktop version of the software on your computer.
    MatLab Page with Button Options To Use Online or Install Software

  9. Clicking Install MATLAB will take you to the Downloads page. This is where you can download the setup file to install MATLAB on your computer. 
    MatLab Downloads Page

  10. If you need to install a previous version of the MATLAB Software, open the Select Release dropdown menu and choose the version of MATLAB you require.
    MatLab Older Release Dropdown Choice

  11. When you click the main Download button, your web browser will download the installer file for the MATLAB software to your computer. Once the download completes, start the installer from your web browser or open the folder it saved locally to start MATLAB.
    1. Please Note: You must have admin privileges on the computer you are trying to install MATLAB on. If you are using a WSU-owned computer, you may need to contact your local IT support team for assistance installing MATLAB if you do not have the appropriate permissions to install new software.
      Web Browser Download History Showing MatLab Install File

  12. Once you open the setup file, follow the prompts to finish installing MATLAB.
  13. Once MATLAB is successfully installed, the first time you open MATLAB, it will request that you login with your MathWorks account. Please login with your WSU email address as the username and the password you created for your MathWorks Account.
    1. Please Note: The password for your MathWorks account may be different from your regular WSU Network ID password, even though the account is linked to your WSU email address.
      MatLab Requesting Login With MathWorks Account

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