I’m missing posts and message in Teams. / How can I manage notifications in Teams?

During the Teams pilot, we received several questions about notifications, usually about users not seeing content, but sometimes about users getting too many notifications. The good news about notifications is that the customer controls the experience, and they can manage Teams notifications at the conversation, channel, team, and app level. This article summarizes Teams notification settings and how to change them: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/manage-notifications-in-teams-1cc31834-5fe5-412b-8edb-43fecc78413d

This is also a helpful article for getting a quick understanding how notifications work in Teams: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/six-things-to-know-about-notifications-abb62c60-3d15-4968-b86a-42fea9c22cf4

Can I chat or video conference between Skype for Business and Teams? How about Zoom and Teams?

Unfortunately, you cannot chat or video conference between Teams and Zoom at this time. We have Zoom and Teams apps integrated with both services that provides some interoperability capabilities, but video conferencing, chat, and presence across both platforms is currently not an available integration option.

If you do not find the existing interoperability capabilities helpful, ITS recommends that you use the native Team or Zoom apps, respectively.

Why can’t I dial-in via telephone to a Teams meeting?

You can connect to a Teams meeting via the Teams app on your mobile device without any additional licensing. 

Unfortunately, WSU does not have a site-wide license for the dial-in conferencing feature in Teams. This can be purchased by departments for individuals that need that functionality. Please contact your Area Technology Officer if you are interested in a Teams dial-in conferencing license.

To connect audio-only from an Android or IOS device, you can download the Zoom App (Titled "Zoom" in both marketplaces). Then sign into your account as you would from a computer using SSO. When you receive a meeting ID, you simply join from your phone using the meeting ID, but select the Audio Only Option ("Turn off my video"). This is effectively an audio call into a video meeting.

Can I remove the Assignments icon from the left-hand column of the Teams app?

Unfortunately, we cannot remove the Assignments icon from the left-hand column in Teams currently while still maintaining that functionality for Classroom Teams that are in testing. Microsoft is working to resolve this issue and we expect that standard Teams will be able to remove this icon from the left-hand column at some point in the future.

Can email be sent to a Microsoft Team?

Teams are listed in the Outlook Global Address List and e-mail can be sent to a Team, with the message being delivered to the owners and members. The Team email address is the Team alias and Teams domain (teamalias@teams.wsu.edu). Email sent to the Team is viewable in Outlook. 

You can also directly send email to a channel in a Team. You can get the channel email address in the channel options.

Can an Office 365 Group be converted to a Microsoft Team?

If your area would like a previously created Office 365 Group to be converted to a Team, please submit a request to the Crimson Service Desk. 

Can content in a Team be recovered?

If you deleted files from a Files or SharePoint tab and you want them back, overwrote the file with an old version, or made a mistake in a file and want the older version back, just open the channel or tab where the files were and click Open in SharePoint. Once the SharePoint site opens, click Recycle bin from the left bar, and your deleted files should be right there. These versioned files are kept for 90 days.

Deleted chat messages or channel posts can be restored by pressing the Undo link next to the deleted message or post.

Can a deleted Team be recovered?

ITS can recover a deleted Team within 30 days. Please contact the Crimson Service Desk (crimsonservicedesk@wsu.edu or 509-335-HELP) to recover a deleted Microsoft Team as soon as possible.

Can I use Teams on Linux?

The Teams Linux app is currently in public preview and is available for download at https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads. Teams is also available to use via the Chrome browser.