I mistakenly copied the course from last semester.

The course space in question is 2022-Spr-COMJOUR-333-PULLM-1-05-04931-Reporting Across Platforms. (this is the space that has the wrong material)

The course I *intended* to copy from is 2022-Spr-COMJOUR-333-PULLM-1-01-04927-Reporting Across Platforms.

The course I *think* I copied from by mistake is 2021-Fall-COMJOUR-333-PULLM-1-01-05716-Reporting Across Platforms.

If you could help me eliminate the material in that course and copy the correct course material in there instead, I would appreciate it. Or, you could just delete the wrong material and I can copy the course myself. I just didn’t know how to delete that material.

Thank you!


Contact for a Canvas Administrator

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Navigate to course
  3. Settings
  4. Click on Reset Course Content
  5. Confirm you want the course content reset.  **This a non-reversible reset**
  6. Reply to professor they can now import correct class content