MyWSU - Adding and Updating Affiliates

How to update or manage affiliates in MyWSU

Affiliations are the resolution of what once was called Associate Type in our old system.  While the majority of the associate codes have not been brought into CS at this time, we are now using the Affiliate codes to drive AD access for those person who don’t have a Staff/Student/Faculty access that is granting through the hiring and admission process.  Like the Service Indicator’s icon, you can hover and click on the icon to see the list of affiliations on the person record, when the icon is present. The icon is view access only, you may not update an affiliation from that view.

Before an Affiliation can be added, the person record associated with the ID must have a Date of Birth and a personal or work email associated with it.  These are requires for validation that the person creating the link with WSU is that person and that the invitation to create the account reaches the user.

To add or update the code, there are just a few easy steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu> Campus Community>Affiliation>Add/Update Affiliations
  2. Enter the EMPL ID (9 digit) and SEARCH
  3. Once in the tool, this is the view

Enter your ID, if there are already affiliations associated with the ID you will see the next view

With that view simply use the Add to add a new row and make your update.

If there are no affiliates on the ID you will see this-

Select the Add A New Value tab then Add

Then you will see this screen and select the link

That will bring you to the table to be updated

Affiliations require a begin date and an end date, the rule of thumb is 3 years, if after 3 years they are still an associate, you may update the affiliation by adding a new approval.  

Some Affiliations do not require the lengthy time line, as an example, Visiting Scholars should only have access while they are at WSU, Future Employee Affiliations should only have a time frame of up to 10 days, or 3 to 4 days past the initial hire date, you would not give them the longer time because the NID activation and Employee status update take hold and nullifies the need for the affiliate.

Use the looking glass to find the Affiliate code..for now you have ADJ_Faculty for now.  Nest enter the date, to begin the affiliation, this date drives the sending of the invitation to the user. Then the end, 3 years or maybe 6 months, professional judgement is used on that determination.

Adding Multiple Affilaites

To Add a new code, simply use the Add button, then use the magnifying glass to find the appropriate code.  Some will have only 1 or 2 codes, others may have full access.  If you don’t have full access and feel you should, just let us know at, it’s a quick fix.

      4. To adjust an existing code, use the View Details – you cannot change the  Start date but you can adjust the end date and also inactive the code from there.  If the code is system maintained, meaning it is automated, you will not be able to adjust anything.

Once complete, say OK and say the updates and you are done.