We used an Excel spreadsheet into a csv file and uploaded it into MyWSU via the mass upload option.   Of the approximately 50 lines all but 13 uploaded.  When we ran our tests everything appeared to be correct and the same.


If you navigate to Review Suspended transactions, you can open the group and see each of the error messages in detail. 


  1. Main Menu > Student Financials > Charges and Payments > Group Processing > Review Suspended Transactions:

2. Enter the Group ID and click search.

3. Then on the Review Suspended Transactions click on View All - so see all 13 failed transactions. 

4. Then click on Line Details:

5. Next on the Group Line Details screen - Click the sideways funnel next to the word Errors - bottom of the screen above the Return hyperlink:

6. This will expand the error.  In this case - The error is saying The External Org. ID is invalid.  

The WSUID was likely mis-keyed in the spreadsheet. 

7. Once you determine the correct WSUID#, this is an easy fix.  Navigate to SF > Charges and Payments > Group Processing > Correct Corporate Transactions

enter the Group ID and click Search

8. Click on the Group line number to be fixed.

9. On the next screen - enter the correct WSUID (External Org ID) # and tab out of the field.  It should bring up the Name of the Corp, if it was successful.  If it is, then click save and then Return to Search to update the next one.

10. After updating all 13, then run the post process again for this group.  From there, they should be posted and successful.

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