Step-by-step guide

Below are the steps necessary to revoke Title IV Permissions. 

Students can setup their permissions, by navigating to Self Service > Campus Finance > Student Permissions . Or in the Student Center, in the Finances section, click on the drop down and choose View Student Permissions and click on the >>.

To Revoke Permission, students must contact the Bursar's Office to remove the permission:

  1. Navigate to MM > Student Financials > Charges & Payments > Assign Student Permission
  2. Click Search

  3. Enter Student ID# and hit <Enter>
  4. If necessary - scroll to Title IV Permission
  5. Click +
  6. Verify Effective Date is Today's Date
  7. Change Status to Inactive
  8. Click Save

**Note user must have SF 01 Lead, SF03 Main Office, or SF04 Urban Campus roles to affect the Student Permissions page. 

Verify that the student understands that if they may have charges owing even if they have received a refund.  They should check their balance.