When a parent is calling on the phone, how can I tell if it is OK for me to discuss student particulars?  How do I look up their access via Third Party Access?  Is there a symbol or place in myWSU that would show me that?  And how do I know what items I can share with the parent?  I reviewed your website, but was unable to locate anything that discussed privacy concerns other than the 3rd party access.  I really appreciate the help!

Step-by-step guide

There is a utility in myWSU under Main Menu > Third Party Access Admin > Third Party Authorization Code that will allow you to enter either a student's WSUID or a FID (Parent's email) and see if the student has given permission to look at data on-line as well as discuss a student's account.  If the student has given the FID permission to speak with WSU Personnel about their account, then they will have supplied a shared secret or 'Authorization Code" and checked the topic(s) that is approved including making payments.   If the FID doesn't have that Authorization Code, you're not able to speak with them about any student specific details.

To gain access to the role, you would need to have your supervisor submit a request to your Area Authority for the WSU_CS_CC_33_3rd_Party_Auth_Vw myWSU Security Role.  They can send the following info to access.sis@wsu.edu

Job Title:
Role being requested:

The list of Area Approver's can be found here:


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