Step-by-step guide

The following are public queries available to be run by all employee's.  They can be copied and modifed, but please do not change the original query.  Questions can be directed to 

Additional queries will be added as time permits.  All queries will begin with WD_ and reside in the WD Folder within myWSU Query Manager or Query Viewer. 

  1. Navigate to MM > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
  2. Enter WD_ and Click Search

  3. Click on Report Type (Excel is most common)
  4. Report will download to your My Downloads folder.

Reports Currently Available:

Query Name:Query Description:


Accounting Feed Deetail


Accounting Feed Report


Accounting Summary Report


Accounting Summary Final Total


myWSU Daily Booking Report


myWSU Daily Booking Summary


GL Trial Bal byFund


GL Trial Bal byFund Sumary


myWSU Monthly Cash Ledger Post

WD_PERS_PMTS_BY_DATE_RANGEmyWSU Person Pmts - Date Prompts
WD_ORG_PMTS_BY_DATE_RANGEmyWSU Org Payments - Date Prompts


Pickup Rec From Chgr Item Type Listing


Return Account Coding for Item Types

All employee with a cost center manager role have been provided query viewer access.  Any new Cost Center Managers or others with a need to view student financials data in myWSU will need to request access to query viewer.

Training is offered once a month for Query Manager access, which would provide users ability to create their own reports.