Network: FAQs

Here are some of the most common networking questions our users have.
How do I order data/ethernet service? Select "Ethernet New Install" in the Service Request Forms.
Why don't I have network access? Check to see that the correct cable is properly plugged in at the wall and the ethernet port on your computer. You must be using an ethernet cable (preferably a CAT-5 cable) between the jack and your computer. Phone cables will not work.
If you've recently moved your computer, be sure you're plugged into a wall outlet that you know is activated for ethernet.
Make sure your computer is correctly configured with the proper drivers for your computer configuration, and properly configured for an IP address.
Why is my network access very slow? Inspect your ethernet cable and replace it if you notice it is damaged or showing signs of excessive wear.
Rather than let the computer auto-negotiate communication settings, set the parameters to 10mb and half duplex. (If you know your location is upgraded to supply 100mb communications speeds, go ahead and set the card to match.)
If you have a 'mini-hub' set up between the wall jack and your computer, the problem may exist with the hub itself. Try plugging your computer directly into the wall jack to see if the problem persists. If not, dump the hub!
I have local network access, why can't I get out to the internet? On rare occasions, there is a possibility that your computer has been hacked, detected or identified as being disruptive to the network or in violation of network policies.
How do I report a problem with my data/ethernet/network service? Use the Repair Request Form.
How do I discontinue my data/ethernet service? Select "Ethernet Disconnect" in the Service Request Forms.
Where can I use wireless data service? View the Wireless Map.
How do I access the wireless network? Read the WSU Wireless Setup Page.
How do I get a static IP address? Use the on-line IP Request form.
Who do I contact if I think I am experiencing network problems? Contact the Crimson Service Desk at 335-4357 or
How long does it take to have my data/ethernet service installed? The standard turn-around for service requests is 7 working days. From mid-August through mid-to-late September, this may be extended do to a seasonal increase in requests.
How do I find out the status of my data/ethernet work order request? Contact the Crimson Service Desk at 335-4357 or
How do I know what data/ethernet services are active in my office? Contact the Crimson Service Desk at 335-4357 or
Can I install my own data mini-hub? IT does not endorse or support the use of mini-hubs and will only troubleshoot network problems to the jack feeding a mini-hub. Problems and repairs beyond the hub are the responsibility of the user.
Are desktop fiber services available? Possibly. Contact the Crimson Service Desk at 335-4357 or to discuss your needs and the options available.
My question isn't answered here... How can I get an answer? Contact the Crimson Service Desk at 335-4357 or (1-800-608-3839).