There are different notification types in Canvas that can be configured.

Notification Types

  • Notify immediately - To receive a notification right away. These notifications may be delayed by up to one hour in case an instructor makes additional changes, which prevents you from being spammed by multiple notifications in a short amount of time.
  • Daily summary - To receive a daily notification.
  • Weekly summary - To receive a weekly notification
  • Notifications off - If you do not want to receive a notification.
  • Unsupported notification types cannot be enabled.


  • Each set notification preference will automatically apply to all your courses. However, if you manage notification preferences for a single course, notifications for that course must continue to be managed in the course.
  • Twitter notification preferences do not support daily summary or weekly summary options.
  • Unregistered contact methods will appear in notification preferences but will not receive notifications until you confirm the registration.

Default Notifications

Default notifications are set as follows:


·         Administrative Notifications: Daily summary

·         Content Link Error: Daily summary

·         Global Announcement: Notify immediately

Course Activities

·         Due Date: Weekly summary

·         Grading Policies: Weekly summary

·         Course Content: Notifications off

·         Files: Notifications off

·         Announcement: Notify immediately

·         Announcement Created By You: Notifications off

·         Grading: Notify immediately

·         Invitation: Notify immediately

·         All Submissions: Notifications off

·         Late Grading: Daily summary

·         Submission Comments: Daily summary

·         Blueprint Sync: Daily summary

Conversations (Inbox)

·         Added to Conversation: Notify immediately

·         Conversation Message: Notify immediately

·         Conversations Created By Me: Notifications off


·         Discussion: Notifications off

·         Discussion Post: Daily summary

·         Discussion Mention: Notify immediately


·         Membership Update: Daily summary


·         Student Appointment Signups: Notifications off

·         Appointment Signups: Notify immediately

·         Appointment Cancellations: Notify immediately

·         Appointment Availability: Notify immediately

·         Calendar: Notifications off

How to Change Notification Preferences

To change your notification preferences in Canvas, navigate to the following:

  • Account
  • Notifications
  • Change settings per your preference

If you are a student, here is Canvas guide on how to set your Canvas notification preferences as a student.

If you are an instructor, here is a Canvas guide on how to set your Canvas notification preferences as an instructor.

**You can find additional information in the Canvas Notifications guide.