2020/12/14WSU BUSNCorrected an error in the Prompt for reports to reference a date yyyy/mm/dd from the Calendar Date folder not from Person Birthdate.
2020/08/12WSU Enrollment Planning | Course EnrollmentModified "Subject Catalog Number" prompt in Year-to-Year Comparison Weekly Chart report to an required field.  Added "Individual" to title and text to indicate this report is designed for comparing individual course enrollment only.
2020/08/12WSU Advisor | Undergraduate Advisor Enrollment Planning

Modified "Subject Catalog Number" prompt in Course Enrollment Year-to-Year Comparison Weekly Chart report to an required field.  Added "Individual" to title and text to indicate this report is designed for comparing individual course enrollment only.

2020/08/11WSU SFS OfficeAdded the dashboard.  It is for Student Financial Services Office.
2020/07/24WSU Enrollment Planning | Course EnrollmentAdded Year-to-Year Comparison Weekly Chart, and Year-to-Year Comparison (Equiv Day).
2020/07/24WSU Advisor | Undergraduate Advisor Enrollment PlanningAdded Course Enrollment Year-to-Year Comparison Weekly Chart, and Course Enrollments Year-to-Year Comparison (Equiv Day).
2020/05/28WSU Covid-19 Survey ResponsesAdded the dashboard.  It is opened to leaderships, such as Associate Deans.
2020/05/26WSU Admissions UndergradCorrected permissions on WSU Admissions Undergrad dashboard so now OBIEE Answers users can see it.
2020/05/11WSU CensusUCORE End Term Grade % Failed report is separated into two data visualization reports, and renamed as C- and Below Disaggregated (Individual Chart) and (Charts).
2020/05/11WSU Student Records | GradesAdded an additional report to the page from a ticket ESSD-23526 stating that not all students with an incomplete grade in a term were being reported in the current report.  It was a true statement because sometime ago the report was altered to include instructors of courses where the student is being taught by a single instructor.  I cloned the report and removed the instructor column and changed the titles of the report to read 'UG/PR Incomplete Indv Taught Courses' and the new report is 'UG/PR Incomplete All Courses'.  
2020/04/20WSU CensusUnder Grades menu, added charts to UCORE End Term Grade % Failed report.
2020/04/15WSU Admissions Undergrad | Undergraduate AdmissionsAdded Plan Owner Group Description, and Plan Owner Organization Desc as filter onto the Overview (ADW) dashboard.
2020/04/10WSU Advisor | Undergraduate Advisor Enrollment PlanningAdded Drop Reason report to monitor the drop reasons students reported when using myWSU Self-Service to drop a class.
2020/04/08WSU CensusUnder Grades menu, added UCORE End Term Grade % Failed report.
2020/04/06WSU International ProgramsAdded five modified admissions reports from WSU Census with an additional column and prompt for 'Admit Term Type' to allow for the tracking of students who show up in the fall reports but were admitted in summer terms. Typically, these students are rolled together with the fall admits, but the Office of International Programs wanted to be able to parse these groups apart.
2020/03/05WSU Scdedule BuilderAdded four columns to the 'Exam Exam' report on the dashboard requested by Jill Frueden on two separate ESSD tickets, ESSD-20630 and ESSD-21731.  Exam Type Indicator, Component, Units, and Total Enrolled.  Also added new prompt for Instruction Mode and Final Exam Type Indicator.
2020/03/04WSU Advisor | Undergraduate Advisor ManagementAdded a new tab Academic Standing (SDW) requested by Ruth Ryan ESSD-18902.
2019/12/17WSU Schedule BuilderAs requested in ESSD-20110 I created a new page on the 'Schedule Builder' sub-menu titled 'Exam Notes' and placed it between 'Schedule Builder Comments' and 'Combined Courses'.  This is a clone of 'Final Exam' with an added prompt for 'Class Exam Type' and removed the filter of 'FIN' on Class Exam Type for this report.  They are needing to see notes placed on the "EXAM" page in CS to better serve Campus Schedulers.  Jill Freuden and Melissa Wing tested the report before it was added to the dashboard.
2019/12/11WSU Data Validation | Teacher AssignmentModified Individually Taught Classes Duplicate Instructor report to use prompt for term.
2019/12/05WSU Schedule BuilderCorrected prompts to remove hardcoding of selected list of Subjects
2019/11/27WSU Data Validation | Academic StructureAdded PCHEES Program Concentration ID dashboard to check for possible duplication of PCHEES Program Concentration ID due to conversion from Academic Sub-Plan.
2019/11/18WSU Admissions Undergrad | Recruiter Undergrad Admissions & Undergraduate AdmissionsModified the Overview, Transfer School, Transfer School Year to Year, Trends, State reports to include Postbac Flag in the prompt.
2019/10/22WSU Schedule BuilderModified Schedule Builder Comments report to strip out special HTML characters (such as non-breaking space, quotes, etc) in Comments field.
2019/10/20WSU Data ValidationAdded Classes Not Active or Approved but with Enrollment report under Courses menu.
2019/08/27WSU Schedule BuilderWith Ticket ESSD-17580 submitted by Jill Nielson Freuden, we edited the column format of SCC_CAF_ATTR_LVAL labelled in the report presentation layer as 'Comments' by  pasting in 'EVALUATE('REGEXP_REPLACE(%1, ''<.*?>'','''')' AS CHAR(1080),"PS_W_SCHEDULER_VW"."SCC_CAF_ATTR_LVAL")' in the Edit Formula window that then removed the HTML tags that were seen prior to the change.
2019/08/08WSU Schedule BuilderVideo Conferencing sub menu the AMS report was requested to be removed at the Schedule Builders Meeting held 8-7-2019 because it was no longer being used and will more than likely changed with the upcoming change of business processes being worked through currently via Provost Office.  Until processes and procedures have been confirm the report will not be replaced.  Posted a message on the dashboard page to alert users and told them if they had a need for data to send in a Crimson Service Desk request.
2019/07/24WSU Student RecordsModified two dashboard/reports to add Start Term Academic Level to the prompt:

Grade Distribution - by term, campus, subject and Academic Organization (SDW)
Grade Distribution - by Term, Campus, Subject and Catalog Number (SDW)


WSU Data Validation

Modified dashboard report Teacher Assignment | Individually Taught Classes to change the Instructor Load Factor prompt from = to <=
2019/07/19WSU Schedule BuilderModified dashboard report Teacher Assignment | Teacher Assignment in Individually Taught Classes to change the Instructor Load Factor prompt from = to <=
2019/07/12OBIEE User RolesAdded a new User Roles Change dashboard report.
2019/07/11WSU Schedule Builder DataAs a request from Melissa Wing in ESSD-15993 we added three additional columns to the report(Location, Academic Organization, Consent) and reorganized the columns in the report to match list below.  

(Approval Ind; Term; Session Code; Session Start Dt; Session End Dt; Campus; Enrl Status; Class Status; Academic Organization; Acad Group; Course ID; Class Nbr; Subject; Catalog Nbr; Class Sect; Component; Associated Class; Location; Location Descr; Instr Mode; Cls Attr; Cls Attr Val; Room Cap; Enrl Cap; Wait; Facility; Mtg Pat; Meetings Days; Mtg Start Tm; Mtg End Tm; Meeting Start Dt; Meeting End Dt; Topics Title; Print Title; Emplid; Name; Instr Role; Instr Load; Class Notes; Class Note Seq; Internal Notes; Notes/Requests; Consent) 

2019/05/29WSU DWG-TestAdded the 'Inactive Degree Application' test dashboard to the 'WSU Advisor Dashboard | Undergraduate Advisor Management' so I have hidden this test dashboard on in this folder.
2019/05/29WSU Advisor | Undergraduate Advisor ManagementAdded a new tab 'INACTIVE Grad APP' for this new report on the dashboard between 'Apply for Graduation by Term' and 'Census - UGRD Advisor Advisee' per the ticket ESSD-10128 from the Assistant Registrar in conjunction with Ruth Ryan the owner of the dashboard.   This report is to report back all students that had applied to Graduate but did not complete requirements to receive the degree they applied for during that term.  I added text to the prompt area to let users know that the 'Program Expected Graduation Term Code' prompt works for only the current application processing term or future terms because the Final Applied to Graduation process that runs the night of the published calendar date for someone to clear for a degree will remove the term when changing the code to Inactive.
 2019/05/13 WSU Schedule Builder | Schedule BuilderAdded Internal Notes Column to four of the report on this dashboard.  APPROVED, UNAPPROVED, Schedule Builder Data, and New Condensed Sched. Bldr Data.
 2019/05/09 WSU Advisor | Undergraduate Advisor ManagementAdded a new report requested with ESSD-14501 from Matt Zimmerman and Ruth Ryan.  The title is on the tab that is titled 'PERC' and the report name is 'RO_PERC_DROP_SUCCESS'.  Ruth Ryan is going to put an announcement on the Advising list serve letting them know that the no longer need to run a Query in CS.
2019/04/18WSU Schedule Builder | Schedule Builder |Combined Courses and Uncombined CoursesAdded Class Status and Enrollment Status columns from PS_W_SCHEDULER_VW to the reports per request in ESSD-13266 also the filter box on the bottom of the page.  Requester also asked that the filter on the CRSE_ATTR equal to/is in CONJ;XLST be removed.
 2019/03/28WSU Data Validation | Teacher Assignment | Individually Taught ClassesModified the query to include all instructors regardless of whether there is a student assigned to the instructor.  Added Instructor Role, Instructor Load Factor in report and filter.
2019/03/27WSU Schedule Builder | Teacher Assignment | Teacher Assignment in Individually Taught ClassesModified the query to include all instructors regardless of whether there is a student assigned to the instructor.  Added Instructor Role, Instructor Load Factor in report and filter.
2019/03/07WSU Advisor | Undergraduate Advisor ManagementAdded Summer UGRD Session Class Search report to allow advisors to easily search for all available class sections based on class starts after or ends before a certain date depending on students preference/ constraint.
2019/02/25WSU Advisor | Undergraduate Advisor ManagementAdded Grade Input as prompt on the Mid-term Grade (SDW) report to allow advisors to easily search of Z grades.
2019/02/11WSU International Programs | International ProgramsAdded Admissions Overview , Acad Plan by Acad Group (SDW), Acad Plan By Acad Group (ADW) reports.
2019/01/15WSU Student Records | Unofficial FTEAdded Summary by Campus and Course Level view.
2019/01/15WSU Data Validation | Intercampus EnrollmentAdded ALL_FTE column, based on ALL_SCH (All credit hours) divided by 15.
2019/01/14WSU Data ValidationChange all CS queries to 2193 for Spring 2019 pre-census checking.
2019/01/07WSU Admissions GRAD | Admissions - Graduate

In Equivalent Day Comparison and Free Day Comparison reports, remove Program Action Reason Desc from the report. It is not needed, and its existence causes the counts to be slightly lower due to inner join.
In Admission Cycle Trending Graphics, added Fall 2019 term in the prompt so the graphs would show Fall 2017, 2018, 2019 three terms comparison.

2018/12/11WSU Data Validation | Teacher AssignmentAdded 2193 report for Individually Taught Classes Duplicated Instructor page.
2018/12/11WSU Admissions Office

In Overview report, added "Confirmed To Campus" column and correct the report to use enrollment campus for newly enrolled students.
Moved "Change of Campus" table from Overview report to its own "Change of Campus" report.
Added Full Details Admissions, and Full Details New Enrolled reports.