Hide ISIR Filing SSN in SDW | ISIR Control Data.  Cleaned up RPD errors and warnings (92 errors and warnings → 0 defects).

2021/01/28Added 4 columns to xw_accounts in modernization crosswalks, changed birth date column in SDW | Person Data | New Student Profile (UGRD) to be viewable by only group

W_BI_DOB.  Also added a new index to the admissions fact table to speed up processing and lookups between it and the calendar table.  Changed two joins in the rpd, acad_prog and acad_plan term tables.  Joining to the prog_plan snapshot table now instead of directly to the fact table to minimize the optimizer cost of the joins.

2021/01/07Added a snapshot date to crosswalk XW_ACCOUTS.  Structure changes to 8 crosswalk tables, 1 new crosswalk table.  Additions 4 columns to views PS_W_SCHEDULER_VW_FLAT and PS_W_SCHEDULER_VW for the combined sections ticket.
2020/12/13Changed connection strings in RPD to reflect new prod DB instance.  Set DB product features for data source to 12c (previously set to 11g, `19c is not available in the RPD yet).
2020/12/03Changed 12 Modernization Crosswalk tables, various new, deleted, different data types.  Added 2 new crosswalk tables.  Added new column in ETL so XW_GRANT_RELATED_WORKTAGS can be joined to XW_GRANTS.  Reloaded all 94 crosswalk tables from conntest MASTER_SNAP_11212020.
2020/11/12Added 2 new tables to Modernization Crosswalks, plus structure changes to 2 more, reloaded 4 other crosswalk tables
2020/10/22Added more STDNT_CAR_TERM info (CUM_GPA, 8 others) to Student Info in Surveys, added Chromebook and hotspot tables in Surveys, add 12 new table and various table structure changes to the Modernization Crosswalks subject area.
2020/10/01Added ESG_AS_CE_STUDENT_INFO and ESG_AS_CE_COMP_LOANER tables to the Surveys subject area
2020/09/24Changed Covid-19 Survey subject area name to Surveys; added survey_id to each table and join in Surveys subject area.
2020/09/10Added Financial Aid Type, Description to Student Data Warehouse > Financial Aid > Financial Aid Award by Term folder.

Added Session Description to the following reports: 

OBIEE > Dashboards > WSU Data Validation > Teacher Assignment > Group Taught Not 100% Load

OBIEE > Dashboards > WSU Data Validation > Teacher Assignment > Group Taught Primary Instructor

2020/08/18For Exam Note Report under Schedule Builder, removed Enrollment > 0 filter, and changed Approval Ind & Class Status filters to user prompt.
2020/08/10Oracle Analytics Cloud upgraded to Release 5.7.0
2020/07/30added UAT crosswalk table XW_LEGACY_AREA_CCH
2020/07/23Updated Course Enrollment ETL logic, cleaned up data.  Added join on CAMPUS between course enrollment folder and stdnt_enrl, removed campus from presentation layer in course enrollment folder.
2020/07/16Add new & modified UAT crosswalk tables, Add folder Student Cancells to Student records, Changed course enrollment snapshot to count distinct rows
2020/06/12Added Facility Capacity to the PS_W_SCHEDULER_VW_FLAT view under WSU MISC subject area.  This was an online change due to high priority and low risk.  Offline RPD's have been updated as needed to carry the change forward.
2020/06/04Added term begin date, days from start, weeks from start to class/course enrollment snapshots in SDW.
2020/05/28Added new tables to Modernization Crosswalk, refreshed data
2020/05/22Release Covid-19 Survey reporting subject area to production.
2020/04/09Modified the way enrollment reason setup table PS_ENR_RSN_TBL is extracted and joined to the Student Data Warehouse subject area | Student Records folder | Class Registration, to fix some blank description issue.
2020/04/02Added enrollment snapshots to SDW subject area.
2020/03/05Added Final Exam and units to PS_W_SCHED_VW_FEXM, fixed Census join on Class and Class Attributes.
2020/01/23Added Room Characteristics column to CS query Schedule Builder Dashboard > Schedule Builder > Schedule Builder Data.


In Student Data Warehouse subject area | Student Records folder | Added two new folders "Student Patient Encounter" and "Student Patient Hours".
2019/10/21Oracle upgraded OBIEE/OAC to version 105.4
2019/08/15In Admissions Data Warehouse subject area | Student Email folder | Added new column "Personal Email Address".  Changed hover text for "Preferred Email Address" from "Preferred WSU Email Address" to "Preferred Email Address".
2019/08/01In Student Data Warehouse subject area | Student Records folder | Class folder.  Added new column "Schedule Print Flag".
2019/07/11Added ID Sync Log in WSU Misc subject area.  Used in OBIEE User Roles Change dashboard report to monitor changes.
2019/06/20In Student Data Warehouse subject area | Person Data folder | Student Name folder. Changed the NAME_DISPLAY column to "First, Last Name" and added new column "First, Middle, Last Name".  In Student Data Warehouse subject area | Student Records folder | Class Notes folder.  Changed "Class Notes Long Desc" to VARCHAR data type from LONGVARCHAR data type due to incompatibility of LONGVARCHAR data type with new version of OBIEE/OAC.  
2019/05/18Migration to OBIEE Reporting on Oracle Analytics Cloud platform.
2019/03/21In Student Data Warehouse subject area | Student Records folder | Class table.  Added UCORE column. This is the UCORE category of the class, such as [ARTS] for Inquiry in the Creative and Professional Arts, [HUM] for Inquiry in the Humanities. Writing in the major is included as [M]. The data is derived from class attributes.
2019/03/10myWSU is migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on the weekend of 2019/03/08.  OBIEE Data Warehouse jobs are changed to extract data from the new myWSU production server.  Only one Admissions snapshot  is skipped (snapshot date 2019-03-08).  Admissions snapshot data is caught up as of 2019-03-09.  Student Data Warehouse data is also caught up on the same day.

In Student Data Warehouse subject area | Student Records folder | Class Instructor Individual Taught table.  Logic is modified so all instructors defined in the individualized sections (regardless of whether the instructor is assigned with a student or not) are now included in the table.  Previously only instructors assigned with students are listed.  This change allows early data checking soonest as sections are created and instructors assigned.  Therefore the list of instructors can be validated by departments prior to students signing up for the individualized sections.

2019/02/14In Census subject area | Class table.  Corrected an issue when using Location Desc in detail class sections reports, credit hours and FTE were inflated.  The overall totals, however, were never affected.
Technical Details: This was due to missing Term Code in the join between the underlying Class table and the Location Desc lookup table.  The table join is fixed.
2019/02/08Scheduled Maintenance: OBIEE is unavailable from noon-1pm to apply Oracle security and maintenance patches.

In Admissions Snapshot subject area | Student Checklist folder, added Checklist Aid Year column.
In Student Data Warehouse subject area | Person Data | Student Checklist folder, added Checklist Aid Year column.
e.g. if the checklist item is FA2_SC (Scholarship application), then Checklist Aid Year would be the aid year of the student filed scholarship application for.  It is not the necessarily the same as the aid year the student filed FAFSA.


In Census subject area | Student Enrolled folder, added Withdraw Date, and Last Date Attended columns (right below withdraw code/reason columns) and Career Full-time Indicator, Career Full-Time Part-Time, Dual Career Indicator columns (at the end).
We are now having students with dual careers configured in myWSU starting Spring 2018, e.g. PHAR and BUSN.  For those students, the new career specific columns would indicate if the students are full time or part time in the career respectively.  The original IPEDS full time part time columns now has the logic of combining the total credit hours of each dual career student and report if the student is full time or part time overall in one primary career.  This logic is for counting overall university unique headcount enrollment and students full time enrollment status (in preparation especially for Census enrollment reporting).  All dual enrollment data of the students are still retained as it is, as of the snapshot date.


In Student Data Warehouse subject area | Student Records folder, added new table “Student Apply to Graduate”.
In Student Data Warehouse subject area | Student Records folder | Student Enrolled table, added new column MAX TERM FLAG at the end of “Student Enrolled” table.
Student Apply to Graduate table contains the latest data (as of last night) of the students who have applied to graduate.  It is joined into the subject area so you can retrieve all the enrollment, status across all terms of the students. 
Max Term Flag is provided so data users can use it filter out only the enrollment data as of the max term activated term.  This is especially useful if they want to retrieve only the latest cumulative GPA, and the academic program/plan the student would be graduating in.  They can simply use Max Term Flag = Y as a filter.


In Census subject area, added the following new tables related to 2016 SAT Redesigned test scores:
New Student BESTR Score
New Student Avalue Score
New Student SAT Score
New Student SAT Sup Score

The SAT Test prior to March 2016 is called old SAT here.  The 2016 Redesigned SAT Test is called new SAT.
Here is an explanation of those new tables and the related ones (for clarify):

New Student SAT I Score – old SAT test scores
New Student BEST Score – the best score of old SAT, ACT converted into old SAT, and new SAT converted into old SAT
New Student QValue Score – BEST score + high school GPA * 400

New Student SAT Score – new SAT test scores
New Student SAT Sup Score – new SAT Supplementary test scores
New Student BESTR Score – the best score of new SAT, ACT converted into the new SAT, and old SAT converted into new SAT
New Student AValue Score – BESTR score + high school GPA * 400


In Census Subject Area | Class Registration table, added three new columns Last Enrollment Action Code, Action Reason Code and Action Reason Desc.
These will enable you to do some analysis based on the reasons students gave us as to why they dropped/withdrew a class.  Data is available in end of term snapshots, starting this last Fall 2017.