Authorization to access institutional data carries with it the responsibility to use the data for its intended purposes and not for personal gain or other inappropriate purposes.  This data usage policy is intended to ensure the institutional data are used appropriately and in support of the fulfilling University mission and business objectives.


    Security and Data Usage

    The data warehouses provide access to sensitive University data. Administrators are to exercise discretion when authorizing employee access to University data. University employees with a demonstrated “need-to-know” may access data warehouse information. Administrators are responsible for ensuring that authorized employees are aware of data security and usage requirements. (See Executive Policy EP8.)

    Authorization, Training and Access

    Access to institutional data in its many forms is vital to the successful operation of the University Faculty, staff, student and authorized University affiliates and third parties that need access to University Data in support of University business functions. In turn, all users authorized to access institutional data are obligated to appropriately use and effectively protect institutional data.  Currently access to OBIEE Answers is not granted to Students attending WSU, there have been some exceptions made in case by case instances to Graduate Students working for certain areas from documented requests.

  •   Access to institutional data via OBIEE Answers will 

    be provided to authorized and trained individuals in support of University business functions that are appropriate for the roles and responsibilities of the authorized individuals.

    To attend training and be considered for access to OBIEE Answers the interested individual must first obtain permission from their Department Supervisor and Area Authorities by completing the OBIEE Access request form found in the BPPM 85-48,  this can be found by going to  then search for OBIEE.


  • Once the form is completed and all required signatures are obtained, it may be scanned and attached to an access request email that would be submitted on the individuals behalf to, this request would also be approved by the area hiring authority.

    Once the access request is submitted, the individual would go to Skillport and register for the next available Training

    Enterprise Systems with communicate with the Data Guardians to confirm access is necessary for your job and obtain their approval.  We will also confirm that the individual is still FERPA compliant.

    If approved, access will be allowed the day of the training. If for some reason you do not attend training, the access will be removed.

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