OneDrive – How to Share Folders and Files
Log in at with your WSU email address.  The system will redirect you to the WSU Sign In page before taking you to your OneDrive account.

To Share a FOLDER

Hover your mouse just to the Left side of the folder and a radial button will appear. Click to check the radial button. Then click "Share" at the top of the page.

On the Link Settings box that opens, click on the "Anyone with this link can view" choice and change it to "Specific People" (this will allow you to share the folder without a time limit, by default a general link is only available for 14 days) and decide whether you want users to be able to edit items in the folder, then click "Apply."

In the next box, put in the email addresses of the Specific People you want to share the folder to, and click the Send Button to send the user(s) an email with a link to get to the folder.

To Share a FILE

Open the folder the file is in, and you can either Open the File, OR check the Radial Button to the left of the Filename. Then take the same steps you would have above to share the File. Remember, if you don't change the share from a link anyone can view to "Specific People" the link you share will expire in 14 days.