Panopto: Recording Instructions for Apple/Mac

  1. Select Panopto Video link in your Blackboard course space.  
  2. Select "Create."  
  3. Select "Launch Recorder." 
    • Note: If not installed, select Download Installer OSX 10.9x and up. Launch Application.  
  4. Select "Dropdown." Select the folder for this session to be uploaded. 
    • Note: Folders are different for each course space.
  5. Rename Session to something unique (example: "JoeSmith Panopto Test").  
  6. Select "Record PowerPoint".
    • Note: If you're not using Slides, uncheck.
  7. Select primary Video Camera and Audio Source.  
  8. Select Secondary 1 source to recording Computer Screen.
    • Note: Secondary 2 source can record a second monitor screen.  
  9. Select "Start Recording" to start and stop recording.  
  10. Select "Upload" if finished recording. To restart, select "Delete" and record again.  

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