Preparing Your Class for a Campus Closure 

(or Other Unfortunate Events) 

Be Prepared! 

Don’t let the day of the  absence be the first time that you or your students try out any of these methods or technologies 

Choose A Communication Method 

  • So students know where to look for messages about cancellations. 
  • Blackboard notifications are a good tool, but an email list works as well. 
  • Also, how should students communicate with you? 

Think About Fairness And Equal Access 

  • Can all the students access the internet from home? 
  • What if you come to campus, but some students cant? 
  • How will it impact those students who can’t come or attend remotely? 

Simpler Methods 

  • Have a lesson ready to go as a substitute for in-class time (a research assignment with a discussion forum, for instance). 
  • Digitize tests and assignments and use Blackboard to distribute them on the day of the absence.  

Use Technology: 

Be Prepared 

  • If you’re stuck at home, what technology do you have available and do you know how to use it (computer, smart phone, laptop)?
  • If you want to use a technology method to make up or hold class, don’t let the day of the closure be the first time you or the students have used it. Schedule a practice session.

Technology Solutions 

  • Zoom - for connecting in real-time (synchronous)
  • Panopto - Record a lecture via Panopto for the students to watch later. 
  • Blackboard Collaborate - Built into all Blackboard courses. It can accommodate individual connections for students and instructor.

We may be able to set up a classroom for a Blackboard Collaborate session in the scenario where some students come to class but some cannot.

For all the methods above, again, think about fairness and equal access. 

Pre-planning and testing ensure the best chance for success!! 


For help planning, or instructions on any of the technologies above, please contact us: 

IT Academic Services 

Or put in a IT Help request by sending an email to: