I am looking to publish my Canvas course for student view. How do Canvas dates relate to this function?

Note: Global Courses are automatically published the Friday before the semester begins. Global Course questions can be sent to


Courses can be published at any time, and are available for two weeks after the course end date. The course end date is typically defined as the Friday of dead week.

In order for students to view the Canvas course, the course needs to be published.

Publishing a Course

Navigate to the course you would like to publish.

Depiction of Canvas Navigation menu.

In the sidebar click the "Publish" button.

 Depiction of Publish button selection.

Course End Date

As all course data is fed from myWSU, course end dates cannot be changed in Canvas. The course end date in Canvas is typically two weeks after the Friday of dead week.

To extend a course end date, please contact your Campus or Department Scheduler to extend the date in myWSU.

For information about unpublishing a course, please refer to this article.

Please note - if you are looking to extend a previous course access to allow a student to finish an "incomplete", please contact We will assist in restricting course access to only the students working on their incomplete grade.