Beginning July 1, 2023 Microsoft Bookings will be migrating "Text message notifications" to a premium feature requiring an additional purchase.

This feature is currently free to all WSU Microsoft Bookings users, and is leveraged by advisors to generate text message reminders to students for upcoming appointments.

Microsoft has confirmed the feature can be purchased at $2/month per user. Areas should purchase a license for each user requiring text message notifications in Microsoft Bookings. Purchasing this premium feature will allow for continued access to text message notifications after July 1, 2023. Any Bookings user creating appointments in Bookings will require a license for SMS messages to be enabled.  

In order to purchase the Microsoft Bookings text message notification feature, department financial contacts will need to submit a purchase request form to CDW-G.

Basic Process Overview
1.          Each area buys their own licenses through CDW-G with a copy of each purchase order being sent to ITS.
2.          CDW-G adds the licenses to the WSU O365 tenant.
3.          ITS updates license totals for each area.
4.          Area delegates add personnel to receive products to their assigned OU group.
5.          ITS audits the license numbers and ensures totals match orders.
Specific Process Steps

Process Step





1. Purchase Licenses

Each department purchases licenses for their users in Microsoft 365 for services that are not covered by the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.  In this case you will be submitting request for quote to for MS EES TEAMS PREM FAC P/U (aka: Teams Premium) CDW# 7451390 for the quantity of user licenses needed and pay for the subsequent purchase order of that quote. 


2 Hours

Yearly for each new FY

2. Vendor Provisions Licenses in TenantCDWG will provision the licenses in WSU's tenant.  Typically this is done 1 business day of payment for purchase. CDWGNAAs needed

3. Update License Count

The Area Technology Officer (ATO), or their designee, informs ITS of new licenses purchased and provides proof of purchase. This can be accomplished by submitting a copy of the fulfilled purchase order or email notification of the fulfilled purchase order to  ITS records that proof of purchase and updates an attribute on the department's group with the integer value of the total licenses they have purchased and notifies the customer that they can utilize their licenses. 

Department & ITS

1 Hour

As needed

4. Self-Provisioning

The department adds and removes WSU Network IDs from their delegated group to manage the additional services they have licensed. This group can be found in Authorization Groups/Enterprise Groups/Provisioned Groups/Office 365 Groups/<AREA NAME>/ and is named O365.LIC.<AREA NAME>.<LICENSE NAME> (eg. Authorization Groups/Enterprise Groups/Provisioned Groups/Office 365 Groups/ITS/O365.LIC.ITS.TeamsPremium).

The department may not over license WSU's tenant.  It's up to the department to ensure that they have the appropriate number of licenses.


15 Minutes

As needed

5. Audit LicensesITS maintains the area license totals for each product, updates the licensing script, and performs yearly audits on the licenses per department to determine if the script numbers are accurate and still match the last proof of purchase supplied by the department.ITS24 HoursYearly for each new FY or as needed

After the user is added to the group, they will be granted access to the text message notification feature in Microsoft Bookings. Users with access applied before June 30, 2023 should not see any impact in their Microsoft Bookings experience. Users that currently utilize text message notifications and do not purchase the feature by July 1, 2023 will lose access to this specific feature in Microsoft Bookings. Other Microsoft Bookings features will continue to operate as before.

Users without a license may contact to request access to Microsoft Bookings for advising related purposes.

Questions and comments on this change may also be sent to