User has reassigned a quiz from all students to one student. This has caused all student scores except the one student to be removed from the grade book.


When a quiz is extended for one student, instead of adding an additional Assign To criteria, the instructor has updated the existing Assign To criteria to only one student. If a quiz is not assigned to a student, the student cannot have a grade in the grade book even if the student already completed the quiz. To recover the grades, the quiz needs to be reassigned to the other students.

  1. Go to Quiz
  2. Click Edit
  3. Scroll Down to Assign
  4. Click Add at the bottom of the Assign To box
  5. Choose Assign to Everyone (this will display everyone else)
  6. Enter Due Date, Available From Date, and Until Date
  7. Click SAVE
  8. Now go to Grade book and verify the grades are now available.