This will guide you through waking your WSU Spokane computer workstation and remoting into it.

** For instructions on remoting from a Mac computer to a PC, click HERE.

** Remember, you must first be connected to WSU Spokane VPN using GlobalProtect. Click HERE for those instructions.

Waking your desktop computer

Most campus computers are under a power management policy which puts them to sleep after 2 hours of inactivity. In order to wake your computer, you will need to know your computer's name. 

  1. To find your computers name, open the file explorer window, in the left hand column right click on "This PC" and select Properties.
  2. In the center of the screen you should see your computer's name, usually starting with your Department prefix and your last name, e.g. "ITSLastName"
  3. Go to and sign in when prompted with your WSU network ID and password.
  4. Use the top search box to find your computer
    1. **If you are remoting from a Mac computer, use the computer IP address instead of the computer name.
  5. When your computer appears, click Wake
  6. Click the Remote Desktop button and a link to connect to your computer will appear in your downloads.
  7. Launch that file and you should be prompted to sign into your computer.