Remote Desktop MAC to PC
Get the Remote Desktop client
Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Mac App Store. Click the App Store icon in the Dock or click Finder > Applications > App Store.
Add a Remote Desktop connection
Click the Add PC button if this is your first connection or click the + on the Tool Bar and select Add PC.

Enter the computer name for your WSU office Windows computer. The computer name can be found in Control Panel > System on your Windows computer. Use the fully qualified domain name, e.g., For User Account select the default: Ask when required. This is important for security purposes. Then click Add.

Connect your Remote Desktop Session
Double click the connection in the Microsoft Remote Desktop Control Center. Enter your WSU username and password, e.g.,

Click Continue on the certificate warning.

You will then be connected to your Windows office computer Desktop. The view defaults to full screen. To view the hidden menu, move your cursor to the top of the Mac screen. To close the remote session, click Window on the menu and Close.
Note: Before connecting your Remote Desktop session you must be connected to Global Protect VPN. See instructions for downloading and installing Global Protect:
You may also need to wake your WSU office computer if it enters sleep mode. After connecting to Global Protect VPN see instructions for waking your computer: After your computer is awake use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect, not the Remote Desktop button on the Wake screen.