Student submitted their test before completing it. Can the test be reopened so they may complete it? 


You can moderate a quiz in Canvas to allow a student extra attempts or extra time, but once a quiz has been submitted there is no way to re-enable the quiz for the student to resume.

Resume a Quiz

Students can resume taking a quiz if they navigated away from an unfinished timed quiz. The timer will continue running and the quiz will auto submit when time runs out. 
Please note: the student does receive a warning box if they choose to submit it when there are unanswered questions. Canvas will display a pop up message stating there are unanswered questions, Submit anyway? Student must choose OK or Cancel to proceed.

For more information on resuming a quiz, please review the Requisites for Students to Resume a Quiz.

Extra Quiz Attempts & Moderating Quizzes

You can provide another attempt in which the student can start the quiz over. 
Please Note: If the quiz is setup to NOT display correct answers, the correct answer comments will still display. The student does have access to the comments which may provide the answers.

To provide a student another attempt you can do so by adding extra attempts. 
Please refer to the Canvas Instructor Guide on how to add extra attempts.

For an overview of moderating quizzes, please review the Moderate Quiz Page.