1) Open your PDF Print file

2) Go to File

3) Click on Print or press Ctrl+P

4) Choose the Proper Printer

5) Make sure “Actual Size” and “Auto Portrait/Landscape” are checked

Preview Pane

  • The preview pane will give you an idea of what your print job will look like. You can see the Actual size of your document and this document is 11”X17”, BUT should be 24"x36".  If your preview matches the example above, then your print layout size was NOT configured correctly, and you will have to back to the application (Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) and re-create the pdf. 

6) Click Properties

7) Go to the “Paper Quality” tab

8) Click Custom

9) Choose your Paper Size,  change the name from "Custom" and click Save.

10) Click Margins/Layout...

11) Choose Oversize

12) Close the Properties by Clicking OK
13) Click Print