Outlook inbox has been filled with SPAM.


WSU Emails are publicly available and anyone can access them via  Email addresses that are not considered malicious are not blocked due to 1st amendment rights.  If an email contains anything that can be considered malicious the security team will block it.  Users can also take measures via their email client to block email addresses or create filters to delete them upon receipt. 

Actions you can take:

All WSU email addresses are publicly available on WSU's web site. Since we are a state funded institution, all directory information is available to the public. It is possible that a scraper service trolled WSU's directory for email addresses.

You are always welcome to directly forward emails you receive that are SPAM to The emails will go directly to the security team. If deemed malicious, they will take steps to block the sender. The header information is critical to help them determine the source of the emails.

There are a couple steps you can take to insulate yourself in the future from these emails. You can contact your local it support to help you setup a filter to block the emails.

You can also block a sender using O365, which will divert unwanted emails to your junk folder:

First login to WSU Email
Once logged in click on the email in your inbox you want to block, 
Right-click on the email in your inbox
Click on Junk
Click on Block Sender