• When you are not able to physically sign a document, or are unable to scan and send, digitally signing your document properly can be a good solution. 
  • Note, if you're signing a document for University business, be sure you are following proper guidelines.


  • Within Adobe Acrobat Pro, open your Document.
  • When you're ready to create your signature, click on the fountain pen icon at the top and then click "Add Signature".

  • Next you'll want to select Draw Signature. You can now draw your signature using your mouse. Be sure that "Save Signature" is checked and click Apply when complete.
  • Note, you can also chose Image and upload a picture of your signature. It is not recommended to use the "Type" option.

  •  When you're ready to sign, click back on the sign icon and select your signature. You can now place your signature wherever you need to. 

  • You can size your signature and make it larger or smaller by clicking on the small A or the large A. Click away from your signature to set it into place. If you need to add a date, click where you'd want the date added and a text box should appear.