To get grades to sync properly you must first meet these criteria:

  • Review Preparing for Final Grade Submissions - Canvas LMS
  • Grade Roster must be created in myWSU. Only Final Grades may be synced.

  • If you have a cross-listed course grade book you must be using the same "Grading Basis" for both sections
  • Confirm that grades are not set to Reviewed/Approved in myWSU. If grades are set to Reviewed/Approved in myWSU, grades will not be updated given that they are already approved in the system.

Canvas Grade Sync Video

The video below covers the entire grade sync process. The grade sync process to myWSU described in this document begins at 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

Grade Sync

Navigation Steps

Begin by logging into myWSU. 

Navigate to the Faculty Center and select My Schedule.

depiction of Faculty Center tile in my WSU

From the My Schedule page, select the Grade Roster of the course for which you intend to import grades. This will open the roster.

The Grade Roster icon will be located to the left of the course identifier. If you are not certain which icon to select, refer to the icon legend above the Teaching Schedule table.

depiction of the My Schedule page

When the Grade Roster page opens, you may see an error in the Canvas Grade Import section, and the Import Canvas Final Grades button will be grayed out. This results from the course grading scheme not being enabled in Canvas. 

If you see this error, return to Canvas to finish preparing the course for final grade submission.

depiction of Grading Scheme is Not Enabled error


On the grade Roster page, there are a few key features to be aware of:

  • Import Final Grades - Selecting this option launches the grade sync with Canvas to import the Final Grades.
    You will be prompted to acknowledge that importing grades will overwrite current entries.
  • Grade Import Error Log - Selecting this option after importing Final Grades will provide a list of student(s) whose grades did not sync with the Grade Roster.
    This log will be cleared when once they grades have been imported for these students.
  • Course Number field - The new Grade Sync process now displays merged and combined sections for a course on a single roster.
    The course number field can be used to sort by section and also for instructors to be able to easily identify which section in which students are enrolled.

depiction of grade roster before grade import

Grade Import Steps

Begin by selecting "Import Canvas Final Grades".

A dialog will pop up to confirm that importing will overwrite current entries.

depiction of Import confirmation step

The import process will launch, and when complete a dialog will pop up to confirm the import.
Please note the reminders to save changes to review the Import Error log.

depiction of grade import confirmation

Under the "Student Grade" section, grades should be visible for each student. If the grades received are not as you expected in myWSU, grades may be resynced.

Before syncing once more, please first review Preparing for Final Grade Submissions - Canvas LMS to confirm your gradebook configuration and review assignment grades.

Please note, grades will not import if a roster has already been approved.

You must save the import before navigating away from this page. If you do not save, the grades will not be recorded in myWSU.

Import Error Log

On occasion you may observe that a grade did not import.

depiction of unpopulated grade field

Select the "Grade Import Error Log" to review any errors that occurred during the grade import process.

depiction of Grade Import Error Log button

If you have import errors, review them to determine if they are associated with individual students or with a course section.
Comparing any errors to the Canvas Gradebook can be helpful in resolving import errors.

An example error is demonstrated below.

depiction of grade import error

After reviewing the Error Log, please remember to save the import before navigating away from the page. If you do not save, the grades will not be recorded in myWSU.

Making Manual Adjustments to a Grade

Adjusting a Single Grade

Observe that you can manually update grades to make corrections at this stage using a drop down in the Roster Grade column.

depiction of unpopulated grade field

Adjusting Multiple Grades

Observe that grades can be assigned to a subset or all students in a course using the "Add this grade to selected students" feature located at the bottom of the roster.

After making manual grade adjustments, please remember to save before navigating away from the page. If you do not save, the grades will not be recorded in myWSU.