Self enrolled users in the continuous course space CONT-000-TURNitin-Student-Grad-Student-Faculty-Research-NCR34 want to utilize similarity exclusions.

Users in this course space can make changes to Similarity Exclusion settings, but they can not be saved or exported.


When you employ Turnitin in a course as an instructor, you have a different level of access to configure Turnitin. When using the continuous course CONT-000-TURNitin-Student-Grad-Student-Faculty-Research-NCR34, however, all users are enrolled as students and the permission set is inherently different.

It is informational for users to understand the impact of the different search exclusions, but the default settings apply to exported documents such that the user won't be able to export a score that represents a subset of these values.

Example Scenario:

For this example, the document "Turnitin.docx" was submitted for the assignment Turnitin Originality Check #1.

The Initial score generated by the submission: =12%. If I download the document using "Share/download", the pdf report also indicates 12%

depiction of a Turnitin Similarity Score report

Using the Gear icon at the top right, a subset of Search Repositories can be selected, as well as components to exclude form the Similarity Report.

By making adjustments to these filters, as demonstrated below, the score displayed drops to 6%:

depiction of Similarity Score filter options

When subsequently download the document after making these changes, the same 12% is reported, as the score assigned to the paper, as it is not regenerated to reflect the options selected in the filter.

Please note that when making changes in the document viewer, the message that appears at the top-left of the display which indicates the changes are not saved. This is a property of being enrolled in the continuous course as a student.

depiction of warning message that Changes will Not be Saved

This also applies to use of the "Exclude this Text" feature. As demonstrated in the example below, you can exclude multiple similarities to approximate a new similarity score, in this example 3%, but this also does not impact the initially assessed value.

depiction of exclude this text feature

To generate a new value that will export with the document, another submission would need to be made through another assignment in the course (e.g. Turnitin Originality Check #2) after the identified similarities have been addressed.