There are many opportunities to edit a notice in the application. This includes on the Dashboard in the Created Notices tab and on the Search Notices page once a notice is selected. You will be automatically redirected to the update page.

The update page will look like the Create a Notice page, except with the fields filled in with the given notice's information. You can make any changes to the notice. You may not remove any recipients that were previously already sent the notice. There is no file upload on this screen. This page only allows Manual Entry. If you want to upload more recipients by file, a good suggestion is to expire the current notice and create an new notice where you can add all the recipients desired with a file.

The recipients table will only show you the first 50 recipients on the notice. You can verify this at the bottom of the table, where it says '1 of 1 recipients'. For example, if you have 65 recipients, the table will show the first 50 and at the bottom say '50 of 65 recipients'. 

Once all changes are done, click the 'Update Notice' button at the bottom of the screen. Once the button is clicked, the application will resend the notice to all recipients. 

Note: Updating a notice will change the notice entirely. This means that there is no 'Undo' to revert to the previous notice once the changes are submitted.