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By using resources of the Aeolus Cluster, you agree to comply with the following conditions of use. (Terms shown in italics are defined below.)

  1. You are responsible for backing up your own data.
  2. You agree to use Aeolus resources for research purposes only.
  3. You will acknowledge the use of Aeolus in manuscripts submitted for publications.
  4. You may not over subscribe or under subscribe to requested resources.
  5. Account files, including codes and data, will be removed from the system six months after a user has left the university, unless another user adopts those files under their own account.
  6. Sponsors and Investors are responsible for administering their project storage volumes. Requests for space on project volumes should be made to the Sponsor/Investor representative.
  7. Scratch storage is to be used only for temporary storage and by those in need of high performance storage. Files that persist on scratch storage for longer than fourteen (14) days will be deleted.
  8. Use of Aeolus resources and services is at your own risk. There are no guarantees that resources or services will be available, that they will suit every purpose, or that data will never be lost or corrupted.
  9. All jobs must be run on compute resources. Running jobs on login nodes, management nodes, or any other non-compute node is prohibited.
  10. Jobs submitted to the general purpose, a.k.a “backfill”, queue will be run on the first available compute resource that meets the requirements of that job and in accordance with the establish queuing policy. Should the owner of that compute resource request it while the backfill job is running, said job will be immediately preempted and resubmitted to the general purpose queue as though it were a new submission. Users are responsible for ensuring that their jobs are designed with appropriate check-pointing in place.
  11. You will respect intellectual property rights, observe confidentiality agreements, and comply with all applicable laws such as export control law or HIPAA.
  12. You will protect your access credentials. You will not share your credentials with any other person. You will immediately report any known or suspected security breach or misuse of your access credentials.
  13. Your Sponsor and the Investor associated with your account are entitled to regulate, limit, suspend, or terminate your access and you will immediately comply with their instructions.
  14. Sponsors and Investors are responsible for properly vetting competence of users working under their auspices.
  15. Violations of Aeolus policies can result in loss of access to resources. Violations of relevant laws may be reported to the proper authorities for investigation and prosecution.

Policy review and revisions

The VCEA HPC committee will review and revise these policies as necessary, and at least annually. This is the July 2016 version.


Backing UpCreating a copy or archive in a medium or computer environment entirely independent of the Aeolus cluster.
ResearchWork on discovery, invention, innovation, analysis and demonstration consistent with one’s academic discipline and not primarily of a commercial nature.
Over subscribeThe resources requested (CPU & RAM) is more than the resources required/used.
Under subscribeThe resources requested (CPU & RAM) is less than the resources required/used.