A Student cannot upload a file to their course because their storage limit has been reached


Please note: You cannot delete your submitted files from within a course.

To delete files you have uploaded from your account, navigate to your account tab in Canvas, then select "Files".

depiction of Account navigation menu

When you scroll to the bottom o f the page, you can observe the amount of space currently used.

depiction of file storage capacity indicator

From this location you can access and delete files you have uploaded for current and past courses. 

Observe to the right of the file name, a small menu is available to select.

depiction of File options

Once opened, the menu reveals the option to delete the file, as well as to rename, move, or download the file.

If you want to keep a copy of your submissions, download them before deleting them. You cannot restore deleted file.

depiction of File options

After files are deleted, refresh the browser window to see the changes reflected in the space capacity indicator.

depiction of storage capacity indicator