VCEA IT restricts access to some systems and networks to "On-Campus and Equivalent" (OCE) networks. You can find more information about OCE networks in this KB article.

What does VCEA IT consider "OCE networks"?

On-Campus and Equivalent networks consist of the following networks:

  • On campus networks (across any WSU campus)
  • Connections made via the WSU SSL VPN
  • Other IPs can be added to the list of OCE networks if necessary after consulting with VCEA IT about security requirements

Which systems or networks are restricted to OCE access?

  • Systems that require additional security (e.g. high attack profile, systems with sensitive data, etc...)
  • Systems with out-of-date software or operating systems (e.g. servers with specific software that is no longer maintained or software with known vulnerabilities)

How to get connected to OCE networks from off-campus

The easiest way to get an OCE connection is to connect to the WSU SSL VPN. Check out this KB article for help getting connected to the VPN.