When purchasing new technology for use within VCEA, please reference the following guide. 


All tech purchases, especially for computer procurements, must be first vetted with the VCEA IT Department (prior to purchase) to ensure that they are both within compliance, as well as meet the technical specifications for their intended use. Please follow this process:

  1. Identify your technology needs. What product(s) will you need? Please indicate which software you will need, as well as any peripherals you require.
  2. Submit a help ticket to that lists the tech you need, as well as a target budget range for your purchase (i.e. how much you are wanting to spend on the purchase).
  3. VCEA IT will respond with a recommended product for your department to purchase, including the cost associated with the purchase, and where to procure it from.
  4. When the product arrives to you, you must then give it to VCEA IT (located Sloan 358) in order for us to set it up appropriately (note: only needed for computer purchases, not necessary for peripheral purchases unless you need assistance with set up).
  5. VCEA IT Department will set up the computer for you, and let you know when it's available for pick up. 

Minimum requirements for computers:

  • Must support Windows 10 and 11, or the latest version of MacOS, or Linux (let us know which version you need). 
  • Must have TPM 2.0.
  • The only acceptable brands are: Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, or Apple
  • Computers must be joined to VCEA domain (unless you have the appropriate authorization stating otherwise- only for rare exceptions, done on a case by case basis).