Below are links to the documentation of the VoiceThread integration with Canvas.  Note: VoiceThread accounts and content are deleted if the user is inactive for 2 years.* 

For Instructors:

To prevent loss of VoiceThread content add all VoiceThread content as assignments in the course. In this way, the Canvas assignment owns the content, and it can be retrieved from that assignment even if the creator’s account is deleted.

Tutorials for Instructors & Students

Adding a VoiceThread activity to your course

Non-graded activities

Setting up a create-a-VoiceThread assignment

Setting up a commenting assignment

Setting up a watch assignment

Grading assignments

For Students:

Tutorials for Instructors & Students

Submitting a Create Assignment

Submitting a Comment Assignment

Submitting a Watch Assignment


*VoiceThread's policy is to email users on the date they've been inactive (haven't signed in) for 2 years.  If they click on a VoiceThread link in Canvas, their accounts will remain active and those VoiceThreads will continue to be accessible. If they do not respond, their account and all content will be deleted. Any VoiceThread content that has been added to Canvas as a direct link rather than as an assignment will not be accessible. Users who leave the university lose their login and password, so they will not be able to respond.