Changing WSU Mobile Content

Teams may find that application changes may be necessary after content has been approved and deployed to the WSU Mobile application. To efficiently deploy changes or updates and notify users, the following process has been established.

Quarterly Releases

Releases of the WSU Mobile application will deploy once a quarter, please visit WSU Mobile Update Schedule to review the schedule. Scheduled releases will help ensure that support is available to troubleshoot issues with the release of multiple changes during deployment. Additionally, scheduled releases will help ensure teams are aware and prepared for the deployment of WSU Mobile updates.

Changes made by the Washington State University (WSU) WSU Mobile community of developers must be completed and ready for deployment one month prior to the release date. Minor changes will not require additional approval for deployment. Minor changes are defined as simple changes to the tile, content or AEK that does not change the original purpose of the tile. Major changes, or changes that alter the original purpose of the tile, content or AEK must be submitted for review to the WSU Mobile Governance committee. Deployment of major changes require committee approval at minimum one month prior to a scheduled release date.

All releases will be accompanied by released notes published both on the ITS Confluence Knowledge Base and ITS website. Each WSU Mobile development team will submit an outline of changes contributed to a scheduled release when changes have been submitted for deployment. Additionally, major releases will be accompanied by both email and social media campaigns from departments represented in the WSU Mobile Governance committee.

Emergency Updates

Emergency updates are defined as changes or updates that need to be implemented immediately. Such updates may be required to take corrective action for issues that are immediately hindering the user experience, are a security concern, or may be interfering with students’ success. When an issue with content in WSU Mobile is identified the developer(s) will have 24 hours to publish emergency updates. Failure to provide an emergency update with in 24 hours will result in temporary suspension of the content in the production environment.  Once the content has been corrected the developer(s) may publish content to production once again.

Request Type

Review & Approval


New WSU Mobile Tile, Content or AEK (Initial request and completed product)

Governance Committee


Change of Tile Order

Governance Committee


Minor Update Tile, Content or AEK



Major Update Tile, Content or AEK

Major changes are defined as content and feature changes that results in change to the original intent/direction of the AEK's original goal.

Governance CommitteeESG

Removal of Tile, Content or AEK

ESG – Notifies Committee


Example of Release Notes Submitted: Mobile/Release_Notes