The WSU Mobile application will provide students, faculty, and staff with a single location to access important Washington State University (WSU) information and other mobile applications provided by the university. To provide an interface that does not detract from a successful student experience and helps students find information that supports their academic success, the following policy was developed.

Student Homepage

There is a single student homepage to ensure students see information pertinent to their success as a student at Washington State University. No additional homepages will be added that utilize the student role in WSU Mobile.  

Core Tiles

To present students with tiles focused on their success, a group of core tiles have been identified and are presented on the student homepage. These core tiles provide students with quick access to information contained in the student service center. Students will not have the ability to remove the core tiles, and the core tiles will be the only tiles initially displayed to the students on the student homepage. The core tiles are:

  • Dining
  • Athletics
  • Events
  • News
  • Notices
  • CougarCard
  • Email
  • Transit
  • Guide
  • Blackboard
  • Cougar Success
  • myWSU
  • IT Help Desk
  • Student Information

Delivered Content

WSU Mobile provides updates to the campus application at regular iterations. These updates contain enhancements and changes to support new functionality and to fix bugs in the application. Delivered content will be applied during the quarterly releases to ensure that new functionality or changes work correctly.

Requirements To Have A Tile

If your business office or academic department would like to have a tile created and added to the WSU Mobile app, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The new tile must benefit the student and help ensure their success at Washington State University, or be a regulatory or legislative requirement,
  • The new tile must not duplicate content already delivered in an existing tile within WSU Mobile,
  • The requesting party must be able to define the audience the tile will target (All students, campus, specific student group),
  • The requesting party needs to explain how and why they are targeting these specific students,
  • The requesting party must be able to provide supporting evidence this information is important to student success,
  • The requesting party must identify how many students currently use or are associated with the content (Supporting analytical information will be accepted),
  • The requesting party must explain the criteria used to determine the need for this tile and its content,
  • The requesting party must provide the Crimson Service Desk with documentation on how to support end users or provide contact information for escalated support requests.