You may choose not to forward your campus phone and instead request "voicemail-to-email". This will send a .WAV file of each voicemail to your WSU Inbox.

Simply send a request to to have this featured added to your line.

User Control Panel Phone Forwarding

You may need to add the Forwarding widget:

  • Select the + button in the top right corner
  • Select Call Forwarding
  • Select the + button on the Call Forwarding widget

In Call Forwarding select Unconditional or Unavailable:

  • Unconditional - Sets phone to always forward all calls
  • Unavailable – Sets phone to ring for a certain period and then forwards calls 

  • Enter the Destination number once you select either Unconditional or Unavailable
  • Then click Save

Note: Forwarded calls that are not answered by your personal phone will go to that phone's voicemail.