WiFi - WSU Guest Wireless Using ClearPass Authentication 

Users will connect to the SSID named WSU Guest (which is an open network)

Once connected, the first time they try to open a web browser they will be redirected to a WSU Guest WiFi Registration Page that they will use to register their Email Address (and device they are using to connect). The registration page will look like this:

Once they click the "Register" button on the first screen, it will go to a Processing Screen, and they will finally be issued a 6 digit Guest Password they can use to re-login to the system later. They will also receive an email to the email address they just registered containing this information as well.

A user can use the same registration for 3 days before they will have to re-register their email/device again.

If they are re-connecting to WSU Guest Wireless and have registered their device already (and their registration is still active), they will be redirected to the following Login Screen:

(Remember, their Username is the Email Address they used to register their device the first time they connected)

Additional Information:
Should the user choose to read the "Terms of Use" they will get this screen:

Here is an example of the Email the user receives after they have registered their email/device:

**NOTE: The WSU Guest Wireless is not a Secure Network, Your Device May Give You WARNINGS about this.  Using our Guest Wireless is optional for you, but it is NOT SECURE since it has to be available for anyone to join, so please use with caution when signing into services on our Wireless Network.