Connecting an Android Device to WSU Wireless WiFi Network

How to connect to the WiFi when using an Android Phone or Tablet with the latest Nougat OS
If Wi-Fi is not enabled, choose "Wi-Fi" to enable it.
1.       Select "WSU Wireless" or "WSU Wireless Aruba" for the SSID.

2.       For "EAP method" select "PEAP".
3.       For "Phase 2 authentication" select "MSCHAPV2".
4.       Set "CA Certificate" to either "Unspecified," "Use Server Certificate," or "Do Not Validate."
5.       Enter your Identity as your NID. (Your NID or Network ID is he first part of your email address. For example, has the NID of 'butch.cougar'.)
6.       Some devices may have an "Anonymous identity" field. Leave this Blank.
7.       Enter your NID password.  This is the same password you use to log into your WSU email and MyWSU.
8.       Touch "Connect".
9.       Your device should show "Obtaining IP address from WSU Wireless..." then shortly after "Connected to WSU Wireless".
10.      IMPORTANT: Press "Cancel" to go back to the previous screen. Do NOT press "Forget" or you will need to enter all the configuration information again.

We've recently noticed newer phones asking for a Domain.  If yours requires that, use for the Domain.